May 23, 2017

Kwasi Asante Annor

Job 35:10
But no one says, ‘Where is God my Maker, Who gives songs in the night,

Elihu, the youngest of Job’s friends was phenomenal in his depth of revelation.

He seems to have so connected with divinity that gave Him a kind of spiritual edge among the others.

This morning, we hear Elihu encouraging us not to always dwell on our sorrows but look ahead in hope.

This is because there is God who gives songs in the night.

Beloved, the night hour is our moments of brokenness, pain, affliction, depression and helplessness.

The night hour is a period of darkness, loneliness and rejection.

The night hour is when tears flood our pillows, sorrows sweep through our windows and pain is all we gain.

In the night hour, our sight is gloomy and we become moody because we see nobody.

In such moments, Elihu is encouraging that God will give us a song.

Don’t forget the Lord is our song and he puts new songs in our hearts.

This morning its my prayer that the melody of heaven will ring in your soul.

May your soul be soothed with harmonies of Elohim.

May you enjoy the rhythmic tones of Yahweh.

For his songs heal, sweetens, restores and gives hope.

I dont know what you are going through, beloved, that has darkened your night’s path.

May your God release a song that will lighten your life.

Dont forget though weeping endures for the night, your joy will come in the morning because he will give you a song to sing.

Have a great day, beloved.

God is working
He’s up to something
I may not see it but still I’m trusting

God is working, working, working(repeat)

Song credit: Akesse Brempong

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