September 16, 2017

Kwasi Asante Annor

1Timothy 4:8
for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

It’s another Saturday and I’m sure many people are on the streets going for walks, jogging or even at the gym trying to work out, keep fit and keep in shape.

This is a good thing to do because to exercise is to build physical capacity and fitness for life.

Suffice to say however, that when Apostle Paul was speaking to Timothy, he contrasted the value of physical training and godly training.

He affirmed that even though physical training is of some value, godliness has a higher premium.

In that case then we are admonished to look at priceless godliness and pursue it.

Beloved, to be godly is to be God-led, God Influenced and God controlled.

It means to be “Godified” and “Godipersonified”.

A godly person is godly minded, directed and imparted.

That person allows his path to line up with God to seek God’s way and pursue.

Beloved are we godly? In what ways are trying to shape up to be god-like.

How much time do we spend meditating and engaging divinity to build ourselves up in our most holy faith.

Remember, godliness profits all. Selah

I’ve been captured by love
I can’t explain
Now you have me and I’m forever changed.
I’ve abandoned everything I’ve ever known
Now I surrender my life is not my own
I belong to you (3x)

Song credit: William McDowell

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